For Parents of Little Ones

“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, February 2018

For Parents of Little Ones

Friend Magazine, 2018/02 Feb

February can often mean candy hearts and red valentines, but it’s also a great month to teach kids about the Savior’s love. In one of His final teaching moments with His disciples, the Savior taught them to love one another and keep His commandments as a way of showing love for Him (see John 13:34, 14:15). Have fun teaching these messages in creative ways!

Here are some ideas to teach your child about love:

  • Teach your children that we can show love by helping others. Point out the different ways family members show love by helping at home.

  • Talk about how we can show love for Heavenly Father and Jesus. Try, “It’s time for family prayers! Folding our arms shows Heavenly Father we love Him,” or, “Thinking about Jesus during the sacrament tells Him we love Him.”

  • Learn the words to “Love One Another” together. Make up simple hand motions—like giving each other a hug each time you sing the word “love”—to help even the youngest children get involved.

  • Heavenly Father put us in families to help us learn about love. Make “I Love You!” cards together to send to extended family members. Show young children pictures of who you are sending them to so that they can start learning names and faces of faraway family.