Friends by Mail

    “Friends by Mail,” Friend, February 2018

    Friends by Mail

    Friends by Mail

    The Friend and Prayer

    I like to team rope in rodeos, but sometimes I get really nervous. I was reading the Friend about other kids who prayed when they had a problem, so I said a prayer for help. At the next rodeo, I wasn’t nervous when they called my name, and I caught my steer! I am thankful for the Friend and prayer!

    Dixon G., age 9, Utah, USA

    Doing Something Nice

    The Friend helps me do something nice every day. Sometimes I hold the door open at school. Doing something nice gives me a good feeling in my heart.

    Rachel I., age 9, Oregon, USA

    Long Nights and Reading

    It stays light a lot longer during the summer where I live. At night, I read for a long time and like to read the Friend magazine or the scriptures.

    McKinley R., age 10, Alaska, USA

    How We Read the Friend

    When our mom was sick and needed to nap, we decided to read the Friend. Reading it helped us from getting into mischief.

    Micah and Levi S., ages 6 and 8, Nevada, USA

    Dear Friends,

    This year you can go on a Family History Quest! Turn to page 18 for this month’s activity. It’s something fun you can do on your own or with your family. By the end of the year, you’ll be an official Family History Finder!

    What’s something special you’ve done with your family lately?


    The Friend