Grateful Gifts

“Grateful Gifts,” Friend, February 2018

Shine Your Light

Grateful Gifts

Friend Magazine, 2018/02 Feb

Olá! My name is Alice, and I try to SHINE MY LIGHT by SHOWING GRATITUDE!

1. Playing Hymns

I live in Brazil with my parents and sister and brother. My sister, Julia, and I play the piano for sacrament meeting in our ward.

2. An Unexpected Gift

One Sunday, a man named Brother Stahlke gave us a present. He said it was a gift to thank us for the music we played on Sundays. When we opened the box, we found a special kind of flute inside! I put the flute together and started playing. I was enchanted by the sound.

3. Giving Back

Soon I started playing hymns on the flute. I wanted to do something to thank Brother Stahlke for the gift. So I practiced the hymn “How Great the Wisdom and the Love” (Hymns, no. 195). I asked my dad to take me to Brother Stahlke’s house so I could show him that his gift helped me discover a new talent.

4. A Special Dream

When I played for Brother Stahlke, he was very happy and emotional. He told me that he had a dream about this hymn the night before! I felt the love of God for him and for me.

Happy Feelings

When we show gratitude, the Lord blesses us with happy feelings from the Holy Ghost.

How Can You Shine?

  • Learn to sing, play, or conduct a hymn and share it in family home evening.

  • Practice a talent and share it with someone else.

  • My idea: _________________________________________________________________

Send Us a Star!

Jesus asked us to “let [our] light so shine before men” (Matthew 5:16). How do you let your light shine? Send us a star with your story, photo, and permission. See page 39.