For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, February 2018

    For Older Kids

    For Older Kids

    Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

    Dear Journal

    Write about the people you love most. What do you love about them?


    What do you call a pig who knows karate? See answer below.

    Secret Service

    • Multiply your age by two. Then pick up that many pieces of trash!

    • Let someone go ahead of you in line.

    • Donate unused clothes and toys to a shelter or charity.

    I was struggling in computer class at school, and I was very frustrated. But my friend Kylee believed I could do it, and she helped me.

    Liesel S., age 9, Utah, USA

    Quick Quiz

    Who was Alma the Younger’s missionary companion? See answer below.

    • Ammon

    • Amulek

    • Aaron

    • Abinadi

    Draw It!

    Draw a shark from the letter C!

    Answers: A porkchop!; Amulek