Family History Fun
February 2018

“Family History Fun,” Friend, February 2018

Family History Fun

Family History Fun

Illustrations by Alyssa Tallent

I LOVE family history research! When I was baptized, I learned that the first person baptized in my dad’s family was my grandma. She was baptized exactly 40 years before me on the very same day!

I love talking to my parents and grandparents and learning stories about my ancestors. I’ve even learned how to enter their stories into FamilySearch.org. I also love searching online for my ancestors. I was so excited when my dad and I found a ship record on Ancestry.com with some of their names. I also got to visit a cemetery with my dad and grandpa to look for my relatives’ graves. I was so happy when we found the tombstone of my great-great-grandfather!

I also love reading the names on my mom’s and dad’s family trees. I’ve memorized so many names that my family made up a new game we like to play together. It’s called the Family History Challenge. My mom asks my dad and me a question like, “Who’s your mom’s dad’s wife’s mom’s mom?” Then the first one with the answer rings a buzzer. So far I’m undefeated!

I also love seeing my family go to the temple to do temple ordinances for my ancestors, and I’m looking forward to going too someday. I’m so grateful for families and that I get to help with this important work.