Show and Tell: Conference!
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“Show and Tell: Conference!” Friend, November 2016

Show and Tell: Conference!

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

I liked the story about Mary Elizabeth Rollins, who wanted to read the Book of Mormon. Elder Stevenson said this story reminds him that you are never too young to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, which means I can too!

Esme F., age 11, Massachusetts, USA

My favorite talk was Sister McConkie’s because she spoke about a very important and beautiful topic, the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed to the Father and then bled from every pore to free us from our sins. Through His Atonement we can all be blessed and saved.

Maria M., age 11, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

I liked Elder Hales’s talk. If we help others, our Heavenly Father will be happy with us. I want to continue helping my mom.

Julian M., age 5, Santiago, Chile

I liked the talk by President Eyring because it reminded me that we need to show love on the Sabbath. We should be grateful that we can go to church because many people cannot come to church and renew their covenants. When we take the sacrament we remember that Jesus suffered for us.

Yosselin L., age 11, Washington, D.C., USA

I made this conference model! God chose the prophet to lead us. I love general conference and know that if we follow the prophet, we can hear the Lord.

Ashton A., age 6, North Dakota, USA

I will listen to general conference and follow the Prophet and Apostles.

Gunner J., age 9, Utah, USA

Omar N., age 5, Baja California, Mexico, traveled to the Conference Center to watch conference! His favorite part was seeing the prophet in real life.

Emmett, Sarah, and Claudia K., ages 3, 11, and 6, Illinois, USA, made sugar cookies and painted them while listening to the talks.

While watching conference, Emily S., age 9, Missouri, USA, built the St. Louis temple using beads!

Just like King Benjamin’s people, Isabella and Collin S., ages 5 and 2, Colorado, USA, faced their tent door toward the prophet to hear his words during conference.

Kelsey, Mason, Eliza, and Jaren P., ages 7, 12, 9, and 14, Idaho, USA, make cereal necklaces while they watch conference. This picture was taken while they were visiting their grandparents, who were serving a mission on Temple Square.