Happy Sabbath: Ready, Set, Share-ades

    “Happy Sabbath: Ready, Set, Share-ades,” Friend, November 2016

    Happy Sabbath

    Ready, Set, Share-ades!

    Do this activity with your family!

    Happy Sabbath

    One of the fun things about learning something new is sharing it with others. Here’s an activity you can do with your family to share what you learned at church.

    1. Have everyone in your family bring a pencil and paper to church.

    2. Write down words or ideas about what you learn.

    3. When you get home, write the words on slips of paper. Put them in a bowl or jar.

    4. Have one member of the family pick a slip of paper and act out the word.

    5. The other members of the family try to guess what’s being acted out. When someone guesses correctly, it’s another person’s turn! As you take turns, talk about what you learned about these words.