An Origami Answer
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“An Origami Answer,” Friend, November 2016

An Origami Answer

How could Jadyn help the other kids be reverent?

“Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought, for these are the things Jesus taught” (Children’s Songbook, 78).

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

“Give it back!”

“No, it’s mine!”

The kids sitting alone behind Jadyn had been pretty quiet during the sacrament, but now they kept distracting him.

“Mom, will you make them stop?” Jadyn whispered.

Mom turned and smiled at the kids. Then she looked around the chapel. “I think their parents are our speakers today,” she whispered back. Mom and Jadyn were visiting, so they knew hardly anyone in the ward.

Jadyn looked at the mom and dad sitting on the stand. They looked a little embarrassed. The kids were still fighting behind him.

Jadyn couldn’t concentrate. How would he even hear the talks? Then he remembered it was sometimes easier to listen when his hands stayed busy. Sometimes he drew pictures of what the speakers were talking about. Two years ago Dad had taught him how to fold colorful square papers into Japanese origami. Now he could make lots of things, like animals and fancy boxes, without even looking at instructions.

Jadyn took a bright red piece of paper from his scripture bag and carefully folded it in half. But before he could continue, he heard more fighting behind him. He looked at Mom. She glanced back at the kids. Jadyn’s forehead wrinkled as he thought about what to do. He couldn’t think of anything. Then Mom leaned over and whispered something in Jadyn’s ear. His eyes widened with surprise.

Jadyn looked back at the arguing kids. He didn’t even know them! He felt butterflies fill his stomach. Would Mom’s idea actually work?

He grabbed some extra paper. Then he took a deep breath and went to work. His fingers moved quickly to fold the bright colors.

Soon he had turned the flat pieces of paper into a colorful flapping bird and a jumping bunny. He turned around and shyly handed the bunny to the boy and the bird to the girl. Their eyes got big as they stared at their new treasures.

“Cool!” the boy whispered.

“Thanks!” said the girl.

The fighting ended as quickly as it had started. Jadyn’s mom turned and smiled at him. The kids played happily and quietly with their origami for the rest of the meeting.

“Your talent made all the difference!” Mom said as they left the chapel. “You used your hands to serve someone. That’s one reason God gives us all talents.”

Jadyn looked over and saw the kids showing the origami animals to their parents. He was glad he’d helped.

He grinned. “I wonder what else I can do with my talents!”

The Sacrament

The most important part of sacrament meeting is the sacrament. It’s a time to put away toys, books, and other things and quietly think about Jesus. Here’s a scripture bookmark to help you remember why the sacrament is so important.

I renew my baptismal covenants each week when I TAKE the sacrament.

T—Take His name upon me

A—Always remember Him

K—Keep His commandments

E—Endure to the end