Never Give Up!
November 2016

“Never Give Up!” Friend, November 2016

Friends Who Stand Tall

Never Give Up!

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

Hi, I’m Dax! I live on a farm, and a few years ago I was in a scary accident. But with Heavenly Father’s help, here’s how I stayed strong!

Scary Accident

One day my family was herding cows. Suddenly my horse stopped. I fell forward and landed hard on the ground. I don’t remember anything after that. My dad carefully picked me up and took me on his horse to where a truck could meet us.

Strength and Faith

I rode in a helicopter to a children’s hospital. Before we left, I got a priesthood blessing from a doctor who was a member of the Church. He said that I would have strength to get well and faith to overcome my challenges.

The Long Road

I stayed in the hospital for more than a month. My brain was injured, and I had to relearn how to do just about everything: walk, talk, and even swallow. But I didn’t give up. I’m a hard worker, and I wouldn’t quit no matter what! I had another priesthood blessing in the hospital. It said the same things about strength and faith. I knew those words came from Heavenly Father. I would get better!

Trying Again

When I first got home, I couldn’t do chores on the farm. I couldn’t ride a bike, throw a baseball, or even use my right arm. But I kept working and practicing every day, and now I can do all those things and more! I feed the dogs, water the horses, and move sprinkler pipes to water our crops. It might take me a little longer to do things now, but I still get it done!

Stand Tall!

  • Keep trying and never, ever quit.

  • Show gratitude for your blessings.

  • Thank the people who help you.