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“Question Corner,” Friend, November 2016

Question Corner

Matt and Mandy’s friend Audrey is getting baptized! How can they help her?

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

I think Matt and Mandy could help Audrey by giving her rides to church and other church activities, inviting her to their family home evenings, and giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon to study with their testimonies written inside.

Anabelle T., age 9, Oklahoma, USA

Matt and Mandy can help her by loving people and by helping her never do bad things. They could go to church with her.

Avlyn H., age 4, Arizona, USA

Help Audrey not be nervous by saying a prayer.

Rocco D., age 7, California, USA

One way to support a friend who gets baptized is to give friendship. Help them when they don’t know something. You can also pray for them. Showing kindness and love to them will also help them feel supported.

Gianna B., age 6, Florida, USA

Edwin: Matt and Mandy can help Audrey by being her friend. They can play with her and invite her to church activities.

Eliza: Audrey might not have anyone to take her to church. Matt and Mandy can help Audrey by giving her support and being at her baptism. They can invite her to church activities such as activity days and invite her whole family to more family home evenings.

Edwin and Eliza R., ages 5 and 9, Utah, USA

I would ask Audrey if she wants to do a scripture challenge with me, so that she can feel the Holy Ghost.

James B., age 8, Colorado, USA

Pray for her to be comforted by the Holy Ghost and to feel welcome.

Ella S., age 8, Virginia, USA

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