It’s Good to Be Me!

“It’s Good to Be Me!” Friend, November 2016

It’s Good to Be Me!

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

Trees, fruits, flowers, and animals are all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Heavenly Father made people different too! We grow at different speeds and blossom at different times. You can feel good about who you are and what makes you special. Use your answers from the questions below to draw a picture that represents you!

If my body were a plant, I’d be a …

  1. short bonsai

  2. tall redwood

  3. round cactus

  4. wispy willow

Thinking about flowers, my hair is most like a …

  1. yellow dandelion

  2. brown cattail

  3. black hollyhock

  4. orange poppy

When it comes to friends, I …

  1. hang with a bunch, like a banana

  2. am fine solo, like a watermelon

  3. stick with a buddy, like a cherry

  4. love attention, like a dragon fruit

Out of all these animals, I’m most like a …

  1. sleepy sloth

  2. galloping horse

  3. flying canary

  4. swinging monkey