Big Sister Madelyn
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“Big Sister Madelyn,” Friend, November 2016

Big Sister Madelyn

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

Mommy sniffed and coughed. She blew her nose.Madelyn, I am sick. I need your help with baby Jason today.” Madelyn wanted to be a good helper. She held baby Jason carefully and gave him a bottle. She made Jason laugh and smile while Mommy changed his diaper. When Jason wiped carrots all over his face, Madelyn cleaned him with a soft towel. While Jason was napping, Mommy had a rest too. Madelyn brought her a blanket. “Thank you for helping today!” Mommy said. Madelyn smiled. She liked being Big Sister Madelyn!

Little or Big

Find the things that are the right size for a baby brother or sister. Then find the things that are the right size for you.