Henry and the Corn Maze

“Henry and the Corn Maze,” Friend, November 2016

Henry and the Corn Maze

Friend Magazine, 2016/11 Nov

Henry and his friends were excited to visit a farm.

First they played in the pumpkin patch. “Look at that big pumpkin!” Henry called.

“And there’s a little baby one!” Adalynn said.

Then they went to see the goats and chickens. “The chicks are so fuzzy,” Peyton said.

Next it was time to ride the train. “All aboard!” Mom said.

The train chugged past horses and apple trees. It chugged past a big roll of hay that looked like a pig.

The train stopped at the corn maze.

“Hooray!” Henry said. This was the best part.

They followed a sign into the corn maze. Trails were everywhere. Some trails led to other trails. Some trails just ended. Henry and his friends walked and walked.

After a while, they all felt tired. “How do we get out of the maze?” Henry asked.

“I’m not sure,” Mom said.

Henry couldn’t see over the corn stalks. His heart beat fast. Maybe they were lost!

“Let’s say a prayer,” Mom said.

“OK,” Henry said. He bowed his head. “Heavenly Father, please help us get out of the corn maze.” After he said, “Amen,” Henry felt warm and happy.

Soon Henry heard someone shout, “Here’s the way out!”

Henry knew Heavenly Father helped them.

At bedtime, Henry said a prayer. He thanked Heavenly Father for helping him.

He smiled. It felt good to know that Heavenly Father loved him. And that Heavenly Father could always hear him pray, even in a corn maze!