My Special Place
June 2016

“My Special Place,” Friend, June 2016, 36

My Special Place

My Special Place

There is a place I like to go

To listen for the Spirit.

It isn’t very far away.

In fact, I’m always near it.

My scriptures are quite close at hand,

My picture of the temple,

My journal where I write my thoughts—

It couldn’t be more simple.

I hum a song. I kneel to pray.

A quiet and peaceful feeling

Comes to my heart and lets me know

The Holy Ghost is speaking.

Find Your Own Special Place

  • Add peaceful things like scriptures, pictures, and good music.

  • Take time to pray. Keep kneeling and listen.

  • Write down your thoughts and feelings.

The Holy Ghost Is Speaking When …

  • You remember something you’ve learned before.

  • You want to do something good or help others.

  • You have a quiet, happy feeling.

  • You feel warned to not do something.

  • You feel comforted.