A Party for Princess Libby

    “A Party for Princess Libby,” Friend, June 2016, 8–9

    A Party for Princess Libby

    Libby was always in the way. Until …

    “If God so loved us, we ought also to love one another” (1 John 4:11).

    Friend Magazine, 2016/06 Jun

    Desi squinted at her book, trying to focus on the story. It was hard when her four-year-old sister, Libby, was playing on Desi’s bed.

    “Mom!” Desi called. “Will you please make Libby get out of our room?”

    “Is she bothering you that much?” Desi’s older sister, Claire, asked from the top bunk bed.

    “Yes, she is bothering me,” Desi said.

    Mom came in and knelt down next to Libby.

    “Honey,” she said, “your sisters are trying to read, and it’s almost time for bed. Let’s go to your room, and I’ll read you a story.”

    “But I want to sleep with my sisters,” Libby said.

    “I know,” Mom said. “But you need to sleep in your room.”

    Mom picked up Libby and carried her out of the room. Libby started crying. Desi frowned. She wasn’t trying to make Libby cry! Sometimes Libby acted like such a baby. Why couldn’t she be fun to play with, like Claire?

    Libby had been asking to sleep in their room for days now, but they never let her. They didn’t let Libby do a lot with them. No wonder she was so sad, Desi realized.

    “Claire,” Desi said, “I feel kind of bad for Libby.”

    Claire leaned out over the bunk bed to look at her. “You’re the one who wanted her to leave.”

    “I know,” said Desi. “But I think we should do something for her.”

    “Like what?”

    “I don’t know.” Desi put her head back on her pillow and tried to focus on her book.

    That night Desi kept thinking about Libby. What could they do that was extra special? Suddenly she had it. They could have a sisters’ sleepover party for her!

    The next morning Desi told Claire and Mom about her idea. They loved it, and Mom said they could have the party that night!

    At lunchtime Claire wrote a short message on a piece of pink paper. She rolled it up and tied it with a purple ribbon. Desi slipped it onto Libby’s plate.

    “What’s this?” Libby asked when she found it. She pulled off the ribbon and unrolled the paper. She handed it to Mom to read.

    “Dear Libby,” Mom read, “you are invited to a party in our room tonight. Wear your pajamas and bring your doll. Love, Claire and Desi.”

    Libby smiled big. “I’m going to a party!”

    Desi was excited too.

    After dinner Claire and Desi ran to their room. Soon Libby knocked on the door.

    “Princess Libby!” Desi said, opening the door. “Please come in and sit on your royal throne.”

    She led Libby to a chair decorated with colorful streamers.

    “We now present the Princess Award to Libby Jackson,” Desi said. She handed Libby a sparkly seashell while Claire clapped and cheered.

    “And now we shall play the Princess’s favorite game!” Desi said.

    “Can I pick any game at all?” Libby asked.

    “Yup!” Claire said.

    Libby ran to her room and came back with her favorite board game. The three girls sat down to play together.

    Normally Desi thought Libby’s games were for babies, but she was actually having fun. She even liked reading Libby’s favorite stories together.

    After Mom turned off their light, Libby and Desi snuggled together in Desi’s bed. Desi was too happy to fall asleep right away. Making Libby smile and laugh was so much fun! She couldn’t wait to play with her sisters tomorrow. Both of them.