For Parents of Little Ones
June 2016

“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, June 2016, inside back cover

For Parents of Little Ones

For Parents of Little Ones

You’ve probably noticed your little ones’ attention—and feet—wandering during family prayer.

It’s easier to teach children how to act during prayer when they understand why. Why should they stop looking at books and close their eyes? Why should they stop reaching for their dinner and fold their arms?

You can explain that prayer is a special time when we give Heavenly Father all our attention. This shows our love for Him. And when we’re reverent, we feel His love for us and know He is watching over us.

Here are three more ways to help children have positive experiences with prayer.

  • Ask your child to tell you one thing that makes him or her happy. Then pray together in thanks for just that one thing. This can help children remember where blessings come from and shows them that prayers don’t have to be long.

  • When a child asks you to find a lost toy, pray together for help. Children often feel Heavenly Father’s love when He guides them to find lost things.

  • During family prayer, thank Heavenly Father for your children and the good things they bring to your family. Be specific. When children feel your love during prayer, their hearts will be open to feeling Heavenly Father’s love too.