Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer
June 2016

“Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer,” Friend, June 2016, FJ2–FJ3

Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer

Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer

“What should I pray for?” Caleb asked Daddy.

“Pray about what made you happy,” Daddy said.

“And you can ask Heavenly Father to help you.”

“Thank Thee for sun and friends,” Caleb said.

“And please bless my owie.”

“In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Thank Thee for Everything!

What do you want to thank Heavenly Father for today?

Thank Thee for the world so sweet;

Thank Thee for the food we eat;

Thank Thee for the birds that sing;

Thank Thee, God, for everything!

—“A Song of Thanks,” Children’s Songbook, 20