Funstuff: My Baptism Bag
June 2016

“Funstuff: My Baptism Bag,” Friend, June 2016, 11


My Baptism Bag

Funstuff: My Baptism Bag

When you’re baptized, you make a covenant, or promise, to always remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. You can remember your covenants by making a baptism bag!

Find or make a white bag. Cut out the pictures below, or find some real items to put in your bag. If you haven’t been baptized, make this bag to help you look forward to baptism!

White bag: I have been baptized, and I am pure and clean.

Water: I was baptized by immersion, just like Jesus was.

Gift: I received a special gift, the Holy Ghost.

Washcloth: I can stay clean from sin by repenting.

Soap: Clean thoughts and actions help me feel the Holy Ghost.

Ear: I can listen to the Holy Ghost and always choose the right.

Blanket: The Holy Ghost will comfort me and give me strength to choose the right, even when I have to stand alone.

Scriptures: The Holy Ghost teaches and helps me understand and know the truth when I study the scriptures.

Heart: Heavenly Father and Jesus love me! I can show Them love by obeying the commandments. As I stay close to Them, I will be truly happy.

Flashlight: The Holy Ghost will light my way and help me walk in the right direction.