Matt and Mandy
June 2016

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2016, 38

Matt and Mandy

Matt and Mandy

Oh, Audrey, that’s amazing!

I’m so glad Audrey and her mom came to our family home evening, and listened to the missionaries, ’cause now Audrey wants to be baptized, and her mom says it’s OK, and …

Whoa, Sis, that’s great! But take a breath so you’ll be around for the baptism.

Her mom wants to be baptized too, but …

Hey, when did you start calling me “Sis”?

… but her mom isn’t quite ready yet.

You’re a good friend to Audrey. She’ll need your support even more after her baptism. Being a new member isn’t easy, especially when you’re the only one in your family.

What things will be hard after she’s baptized?

And what can we do to help her?