Alma Teaches How to Pray
June 2016

“Alma Teaches How to Pray,” Friend, June 2016, FJ4–FJ6

Book of Mormon Stories

Alma Teaches How to Pray

Adapted from Alma 31–33.

Alma Teaches How to Pray, 1
Alma Teaches How to Pray, 2

Alma the Younger and others went to teach the Zoramites. The Zoramites did not believe in Jesus Christ. They did not remember the right way to pray.

Once a week the Zoramites climbed a tall stand. They held their arms up high and prayed. They said that they were more special than other people. Everyone said the same prayer.

The Zoramites prayed only when they climbed the stand. They didn’t think about Heavenly Father or pray to Him at home or anywhere else.

Alma taught the people that they could pray anytime and anywhere. They could pray about anything, and Heavenly Father would help them.

We can pray the way Alma taught. We can pray anytime and anywhere. We can even pray silently in our heart. Heavenly Father will always hear us!