Bulletin Board
June 2016

“Bulletin Board,” Friend, June 2016, 17

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Play Farmer, Farmer!

Meet Evan from Ireland on page 14. Here’s an Irish playground game to try!

  1. Pick one player to be the farmer. Have them stand in the middle of a large area.

  2. The other players stand on one side and call out, “Farmer, farmer, may we cross your golden river?” The farmer says, “You may not cross my river unless you are wearing _______________________” and picks a color.

  3. The players wearing that color pass the farmer to the other side of the area, where they are safe. Then the rest of the players must run to join them while the farmer tries to tag them.

  4. When a player is caught, they hold hands with the farmer and try to catch players in the next round. The last player to be caught becomes the farmer!

God Gives Us Good Food

This is rhubarb. Ireland is famous for potatoes, but rhubarb is also common there. The bright red stalks are often cooked with sugar in pies and jams. But don’t eat the leaves—they’re poisonous!

Ask Your Family

What are three things you love about yourself?

Cyber Strong

I will use my time wisely and not spend too much time online.