When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Mom
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“When I Grow Up … I Want to Be a Mom,” Friend, May 2014, 30

When I Grow Up …

I Want to Be a Mom

My name is Jane Clayson, and I’m a mom.

Friend Magazine, 2014/05 May

How did you prepare to be a mom?

Being a mom is the most important job I’ve ever had. I started preparing to be a mother when I was very young. My mom was my first and best example. She was patient and always loved me, no matter what. When I grew up, I worked as a television journalist and interviewed many people from all over the world. The experiences I had before I became a mother helped me appreciate what a special responsibility being a mom is.

What are some things a mom does?

I love to say that I’m a mom. I do lots of things for my children every day. I cook for them. I wash their clothes. I drive them to school. But the most important part of my job is to teach them. I teach them to be kind and honest and to work hard and do their best. I teach them to serve others.

Being a mom can be lots of fun! My kids and I love to make brownies, go to baseball games, make s’mores over a campfire, and sing Primary songs together.

What is the best part of being a mom?

The best part is when I see my children saying their prayers. Or when they reach out and help someone who is lonely or sad. I love it when my children give me big hugs and tell me how much they love me. No other job in the world could bring me such joy!

How does being a mom help your testimony?

Being a mom is not always easy. Sometimes it’s really hard. But I’ve learned to rely on Heavenly Father, and He helps me make good decisions for my family. I’m a better mother when I listen to the Spirit. I hope my children will always remember that I have a strong testimony of the gospel. I hope they feel that Heavenly Father and Jesus love them every single day.