Families Are Blessed When They Follow the Prophet
May 2014

“Families Are Blessed When They Follow the Prophet,” Friend, May 2014, 42–43

Bringing Primary Home

Families Are Blessed When They Follow the Prophet

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Bringing Primary Home

When Tomás got home from school, everyone seemed busy.

“Shut the door,” Diego said when Tomás came in their room. “I can’t do my homework with so much noise!”

Tomás went into the living room. His younger sisters both wanted the same toy at the same time. “Give it to me!” Luiza said, trying to grab a doll away from Stella. “I had it first!”

Tomás went into the kitchen. Mom was holding the baby in one arm while she stirred the soup. “Dad is going to be late tonight. Will you set the table for me?” she asked.

When everyone had finished eating, Dad came home. He looked tired.

What can I do to help everyone be happier? Tomás wondered. Then he remembered what day it was—Monday! Family home evening would make things better!

But when he mentioned family home evening to Mom, she sighed. “I don’t know if we have time for it tonight,” she said.

Tomás thought about how the prophets said that family home evening was very important and that it would bless their lives.

“But, Mom,” Tomás said, “we really need family night!”

Mom thought for a minute. “You know what? I think you’re right,” she said. “Let’s clean up so we can get started.”

At the end of family home evening, Tomás knelt to pray with his family. He felt good inside. His brother still had a project due, his mom was still busy, and his dad was still tired. But everyone seemed a little happier, and his home felt more peaceful.

Tomás smiled. Following the prophets always made things better.