Show and Tell:Conference Edition
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“Show and Tell:Conference Edition,” Friend, May 2014, 16–17

Show and Tell

Conference edition!

Friend Magazine, 2014/05 May

I liked general conference. I didn’t even mind they talked so long. My favorite was learning about tornadoes and how to avoid being in danger by making good choices. I was excited to see President Monson. I want to follow the prophet and keep the commandments so I can be baptized when I’m eight.

Jacob W., age 6, Texas, USA

I liked when Elder Nelson said “Faith is the antidote for fear.” I was born with problems with all of my organs and am at the doctor’s and hospital a lot. When I am scared, I pray for Heavenly Father’s help. Before big surgeries, I ask my dad for a blessing so I am not as afraid. I know Heavenly Father helps me get through all of the tests, pokes, and surgeries.

Hallie M., age 8, Illinois, USA

I really liked going to the Conference Center with my mom and my sisters for the women’s meeting. I felt the Spirit when Sister Wixom talked about the girls in wheelchairs and how they still went to the temple even though it was hard. It made me think that I can choose the right even if something bad happens.

Alexis W., age 8, Utah, USA

I loved Sister Stevens’s talk about the premature baby. Right before we came to visit America, my friend’s baby was born premature and we prayed really hard for him to live. I know Heavenly Father really does perform miracles and that He loves each of us.

Alaya P., age 6, Australia

I liked the story about the mobile home landing on top of the neighbor’s mobile home during the tornado. I’m thankful for the gospel because it teaches me how to be good and not follow Satan. And I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers.

Andrew B., age 6, New York, USA

Cerah H., age 8, from the Philippines, watched the first general women’s meeting online with her mom. She wore her Sunday dress and felt the Spirit when the children were asked to stand and sing. She felt the Savior’s love and felt blessed to be part of the meeting, even though she is miles away from the Conference Center.

Josh E., age 9, Utah, USA, built this model of the Conference Center after attending conference there for the first time.