A Friend for Grandma
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“A Friend for Grandma,” Friend, May 2014, 10

A Friend for Grandma

Friend Magazine, 2014/05 May

My Grandma Annabelle came to live with us for 19 months until her death. She could no longer live on her own or take care of herself. My grandma was not a member of our church. She didn’t belong to any church. My mother and I decided to read stories to my grandma from the Friend magazine. Grandma would listen, and I would ask her what she learned. Then she would give me a few short responses. My grandma loved it when I read stories to her. She always wanted me to read more.

Since my grandma liked the stories so much, we thought she would like doing the hidden pictures too. We worked with her and helped her find the objects. This helped her mind stay strong. The Friend magazine is great for everyone, young and old!

Sharing the stories was also a good missionary opportunity for us. Sometimes Grandma would listen to scriptures with our family. During those 19 months, she offered to say two prayers, and they were beautiful. We all felt the Spirit.

Even though my grandma didn’t remember who we were most of the time, she loved it when I read stories to her. I think it made her feel good inside. Since I am 12 years old now and it has been a year since my grandma died, I am looking forward to being baptized for her in the temple.