Mothers in the Scriptures
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“Mothers in the Scriptures,” Friend, May 2014, 12

Mothers in the Scriptures

How well do you know the mothers in the scriptures? Test your knowledge by solving the crossword puzzle below. Look up the scripture verses if you need help. Check your answers below.


  1. Mother of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1–2)

  2. Mother of Joseph Smith (Joseph Smith—History 1:4)

  3. Mother of Joseph sold into Egypt (Genesis 30:25)

  4. Mother of Samuel (1 Samuel 1:20)

  5. Mother of Isaac (Genesis 17:19)


  1. Mother of Jesus (Luke 1:30–31)

  2. Mother of John the Baptist (Luke 1:13)

  3. Mother of Nephi (1 Nephi 5:1)

  • Answers: Across: Eve, Lucy Smith, Rachel, Hannah, Sarah; Down: Mary, Elisabeth, Sariah