The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep
June 2013

“The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep,” Friend, June 2013, 34–36

For Little Friends

The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep

Jesus taught people by telling them stories. One day He told a story about a shepherd who had 100 sheep. The shepherd was very good and kind. He kept his sheep safe from wild animals. He watched over them at night.

One day one of the sheep got lost. The shepherd left his 99 sheep in a safe place and went to look for the missing one. He searched high in the mountains and far into the wilderness.

When he finally found his sheep, the shepherd rejoiced. He put the sheep on his shoulders and carried it home.

The shepherd called his friends together and told them how he had found his sheep. They celebrated together.

Jesus Christ is like the shepherd in the story, and we are like the sheep. Jesus watches over us and helps protect us from danger. He doesn’t give up on us when we make mistakes. And He rejoices when we repent and return to His gospel. That is why the scriptures call Him the Good Shepherd.

Illustrations by David Habben