Show and Tell
June 2013

“Show and Tell,” Friend, June 2013, 38–39

Show and Tell

My Father

My father helps me every day,

And I want to follow in his ways.

He teaches me to be honest in everything I do.

I love him, and I know he loves me too.

We love each other like no other can.

I’m very glad he’s my dad.

Sophie D., age 9, Colorado, USA

When the Nowra Senior Primary in New South Wales, Australia, had their very first Faith in God night, they wanted to do something special to celebrate! They all created CTR-themed artwork and mailed it in to the Friend!

Kelbee A., age 6, Colorado, USA, loves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She hopes to someday get married in the temple, and she loves her mom and dad and brother very much.

Nathan A., age 6, Indiana, USA, is the youngest in his family. He likes to write and illustrate his own stories with his favorite pen. His favorite part of the Friend is the stories of children who are trying to follow Jesus.

Brixton W., age 11, Utah, USA, is the oldest of five children. She likes herding the cows on her family’s ranch, and she has a horse named Blaze. She helps by taking care of younger children during church activities.

Tyson B., age 8, Georgia, USA

Luke R., age 6, Puerto Rico

Rachel J., age 11, Arizona, USA

Kohlier L., age 10, West Virginia, USA

Faith A., age 10, California, USA

Once when I was watching TV with my brother and sister, my mom needed help in the kitchen. I really wanted to watch TV, but I knew it was the right choice to help clean. So I wiped off the table and swept the floor. I’m glad I chose the right. It felt good to be a Christlike example.

Tessa T., age 6, Idaho, USA

When I was six years old, I participated in a soccer shootout. Soccer players that placed first and second would go to the state competition. I got first place and could go to state, but we found out that it was on Sunday. My dad tried to reschedule it, but they said they could only have it done on Sunday. My parents said I could choose what I wanted to do. I chose not to go. I am glad I chose the right.

Preston G., age 9, Arizona, USA

During lunchtime at school, I was talking to my friend, and he told me that he had never been to church or read the scriptures. I told him that I could give him the scriptures. So I went home and asked my mom if I could use the Book of Mormon that the missionaries had left us to give away. I wrote my testimony in the front and took it to school the next day. I gave it to my friend, and he said thank you. I felt good because I was being a missionary.

Brendan J., age 7, Nevada, USA

My mom had surgery, and I felt encouraged to help. I was so motivated to do the dishes that I cleaned the whole kitchen for her. She was so grateful, and I felt really good inside because I knew that she truly appreciated it.

Emma W., age 11, Hawaii, USA