Conference News
June 2013

“Conference News,” Friend, June 2013, 18

Conference News

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Read all about the April 2013 general conference

Our Prophet Speaks

Be good citizens of the nations in which you live and good neighbors in your communities, reaching out to those of other faiths, as well as to our own. … May we ever be ready to extend … a helping hand and a loving heart.

—President Thomas S. Monson

Missionary Math

This year many more missionaries are serving than last year!

65,634 missionaries are now serving

+ 20,000 more have received their calls

+ 6,000 more will soon receive calls


58 new missions

1 new MTC in Mexico City

New Temples

Cedar City, Utah

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Happy Thoughts from Conference

“The gospel is the key to our happiness” (President Thomas S. Monson).

“A child who sings is a happy child” (Elder Enrique R. Falabella).

“I love everything about you” (Sister Rosemary M. Wixom).

Conference Quiz

Look for answers to these questions in the May 2013 Ensign:

What hymn did President Eyring sing as a boy that helped him feel close to the Savior? (page 22)

How did President Monson learn the importance of obeying his parents? (page 89)

What kind of plant did the girl in Elder Ballard’s story grow, and what can her experience teach us? (page 19)

How long would it take to read the Book of Mormon if it takes three minutes to read one page? (page 103)

President Monson photo by Leslie Nilsson; First Presidency photo by Craig Dimond; matchstick, plant, and watch photos © iStockphoto