The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy
June 2013

“The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2013, 42

The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

Dad and Matt unpacking

Illustrations by Maryn Roos

Dad, my rock collection got put on the truck, didn’t it?

It sure did. One of the movers lifted the box and asked if it was full of rocks. He was joking, but I had to tell him yes.

Thanks for letting me bring them. Mom made me throw away my worm collection.

Your worms probably wouldn’t have liked the trip anyway. So why do you need your rocks?

Well, I want to show them to Franco. He’s a kid in my new class. He’s funny and really smart. And he says he’ll help me catch up with the math we’re doing.

That’s great. Sounds like you made a new friend pretty quickly.

Well, we ate lunch together today ’cause he was eating alone and I didn’t have anybody to sit with either.

Oh, here they are! Dad, can I use your wheelbarrow to take these over to Franco’s house on Saturday?

Why don’t you invite him to come over here?

Well, this would be easier because Franco can’t walk very well. He’s kinda hard to understand too, if you don’t listen hard. But he’s funny and smart and—

Tell you what. Why don’t I drive you over there on Saturday? I always like to meet your friends and their parents.