The Day I Really Felt Loved
June 2013

“The Day I Really Felt Loved,” Friend, June 2013, 22

The Day I Really Felt Loved

I was waking up from a spectacular sleep when I realized something.

I sat up in my bed and yelled, “Oh, my goodness! Today is my baptism!” I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had to get ready!

First, my sister curled my hair. I loved it. Then I put my beautiful dress on. It had light pink flowers on it. I was getting more excited as every second passed. My family took pictures outside in front of our tree.

After that, it was time. All of my family gathered at the front of our church. I wore a white jumpsuit. It was actually pretty comfy.

I was with my dad, and the water I was baptized in was really warm. I got two sparkling necklaces and a CTR bracelet from my friend and my grandma. CTR stands for “Choose the Right.”

I tried not to cry the whole time! My mom almost cried too. I hugged my handsome dad as hard as a snake squeezing its prey. S-s-sss!

“I love you,” I said to my mom and dad. I knew my fabulous family loved me a lot.

Then I realized something else. I had been smiling all day because the whole time I really, really felt loved!

Illustrations by Brad Teare