Helaman 13–16
September 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon—Support Articles and Activities

August 31–September 6

Helaman 13–16

“Glad Tidings of Great Joy”

star shining over buildings

After you’ve studied the scripture passages for this week and reviewed the questions and activities in the manual, consider sharing any of the following articles and activities with your family. These additional resources can assist you as you strive to teach the gospel in your home.

Helaman 14; 16:13–23

Signs of the Coming of Christ

Samuel the Lamanite preached about the signs of the birth of Jesus Christ. In our day, we can prepare for the Second Coming of Christ by studying the signs of the times.


  • Preparation for the Second Coming.” This general conference address from President Dallin H. Oaks, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, not only helps us recognize the signs of the Second Coming but also teaches us how to prepare.

  • The First Coming and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.” This article from the New Era teaches the similarities and differences between the first and second comings of Jesus Christ.

  • Samuel Teaches about Jesus.” Read this illustrated scripture story from the Friend to teach your children about Samuel standing on the wall. Also includes a video reading.


  • Samuel and the Star.” Watch with your children this three-minute video, which uses stop-motion animation and poetic verse to tell the story of Samuel the Lamanite.

  • Samuel the Lamanite.” Use this coloring page from the Scripture Stories Coloring Book series to help your children learn more about Samuel the Lamanite.

  • Samuel the Lamanite Prophesies.” Print this activity page from the Friend for your children to complete as you teach them about Samuel the Lamanite.

Helaman 15

Firm and Steadfast in the Faith

As he encouraged the Nephites to repent, Samuel the Lamanite reminded them of the faithfulness of the converted Lamanites. How can we too be “firm and steadfast in the faith”? (Helaman 15:8).


  • Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ.” In this general conference address, Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches us that good things will come to those who remain firm and steadfast, especially during trials.

  • Steadfast and Immovable, Always Abounding in Good Works.” In this New Era article, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches us how to build a solid foundation on Christ.

  • Practicing Faith.” In this Friend story, Klarie learns that practicing faith is a lot like practicing basketball.

  • Be a Shining Example.” In this child-friendly message, Elder Bruce D. Porter (1952–2016) of the Seventy shares how his children exercised faith. (From the Friend.)


  • Foundations of Faith.” This video on strengthening faith features the words of Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and others.

  • Scripture Hero Search.” Use this activity page from the Friend to help your children learn about heroes from the scriptures who were steadfast in the faith.