How can I sustain the prophet?
September 2020

“How can I sustain the prophet?” Ensign, September 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

Helaman 13–16 (August 31–September 6)

How can I sustain the prophet?

how can I sustain the prophet

Samuel the Lamanite was a prophet who preached to the Nephites. Many rejected him, but a few listened and believed his inspired teachings. During general conference and at other times, we have the chance to listen to and sustain President Russell M. Nelson, the prophet in our day.

As you read about Samuel the Lamanite, consider the ways you can sustain the prophet today in both word and deed.

Instructions for Our Time

The Nephites had become wicked, so Samuel invited them to repent. He also testified of Jesus Christ’s birth and warned of the dangers of sin (see Helaman 14:11–12). What other principles did Samuel teach? What has President Nelson taught in our day?

It’s Not about Popularity

Angry with Samuel’s teachings, the people attacked him with stones and arrows. Samuel said that they were only willing to follow those who said there was no consequences for sin (see Helaman 13:25–27).

In our day, President Nelson has said, “Prophets are rarely popular.”1 How can we avoid using the “stones” and “arrows” people cast at prophets today?

Will You Listen?

Some accepted Samuel’s message, repented, and were baptized. What can you do to not only hear but also act on the teachings of our latter-day prophets and apostles?


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