The Savior Knows Your Pain
September 2020

“The Savior Knows Your Pain,” Ensign, September 2020

Young Adults

The Savior Knows Your Pain

young adult reading scriptures by the beach

During our journey on this earth, most of us at some point will face burnout from stress, tension from anxiety, the grey clouds of sadness, or even (like in my case) the numbing fog of depression. These feelings occur for many of us along the path toward green hills and sunshine, and they can easily make us feel hopeless.

Mental health struggles can come when you least expect them. When you’re serving a mission and focusing so much on others that you forget yourself. When you have a baby and feel like you should be the happiest person in the world, but you simply aren’t. When you lose a loved one and can hardly imagine life without them. Or even when everything seems to be going well, but you have an overwhelming feeling that you’re not OK.

These are moments when we need to fill our lives with the peacefulness of Jesus Christ’s never-ending love. Our Savior is always there, even when we feel abandoned or lost. He has felt our pain and knows how to help.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Part of Heavenly Father’s plan is to love and care for one another (see Mosiah 18:21). And that’s what this month’s section is about—overcoming mental health challenges by reaching out to others, especially the Savior.

You are loved.

From someone who keeps on struggling and keeps on going,

Emilia Brändh