My Brother’s Recovery and Heavenly Father’s Love
September 2020

“My Brother’s Recovery and Heavenly Father’s Love,” Ensign, September 2020

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My Brother’s Recovery and Heavenly Father’s Love

After my brother’s accident, I came to know that I have a Father who loves me.

family in the hospital

Illustration by Dilleen Marsh

My brother, Yerko, was 19 when he was hit by a drunk driver. Fortunately, Yerko’s friend had taken a first aid course two weeks before. He kept my brother alive until emergency crews could take him to the hospital.

Most local hospitals have only one neurologist on duty, but when Yerko arrived, a group of neurologists had gathered for a special conference. They all immediately attended to him.

Yerko spent six months in the hospital, three of those months in a coma. While he was there, my mother stayed with him from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Ward and stake members prayed and fasted for Yerko and gave him priesthood blessings. Our prayers were answered on January 1, 2011, when he woke up. Members continued to visit Yerko and helped us care for him while he recovered in the hospital. They were like ministering angels during this difficult time.

Today, Yerko still has some physical problems, including short-term memory loss. But he walks, and he can carry on a normal conversation. Doctors can’t believe it.

I was in Young Women when Yerko suffered his accident. Every week I recited, “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us,” but I didn’t really understand the significance of the words. After the accident, I came to know that I really do have a Father who loves me.

The temple is a manifestation of that love. Yerko and I were sealed to our parents, so I knew that if I lost my brother, I would be with him again. This was a tremendous comfort for my family and me.

Immediately after the accident, when doctors told us that Yerko had only a few hours to live, I earnestly prayed for Heavenly Father to save him. When Yerko survived, I wanted to serve a mission to share with others the miracles we had experienced.

The story of my brother’s recovery was a blessing for many people I taught as a missionary in Peru. As I shared our experiences, especially with people facing difficult situations, their hearts were touched.

We often wonder why difficult things happen, but when we trust in our Heavenly Father’s love, we know that eventually, everything will work together for our good (see Romans 8:28).