Marriage (See Children, Fatherhood, Home , Motherhood)

Meditation (See Assurance, Book of Mormon, Comfort, Encouragement, Funeral, Hope, Mercy, Prayer, Revelation, Scriptures, Supplication, Trials, Truth)

Mercy (See also Assurance, Atonement, Fall, Forgiveness, Gospel, Jesus Christ - Savior, Justice, Meditation, Sorrow)

Millennium (See also Israel, Jesus Christ - Second Coming, Justice, Second Coming, Zion)

Missionary Work (See also Gospel)

Moderation (See Humility, Patience, Speech, Spirituality, Word of Wisdom)

Morality (See Chastity, Faithfulness, Honesty, Obedience, Plan of Salvation)

Motherhood (See also Family, Marriage)

Motivation (See Commitment, Courage, Duty, Encouragement, Faithfulness, Hope, Reactivation)

Music and Song