Sing We Now at Parting



  1. 1. Sing we now at parting

    One more strain of praise.

    To our Heav’nly Father

    Sweetest songs we’ll raise.

    For his loving kindness,

    For his tender care,

    Let our songs of gladness

    Fill this Sabbath air.

  2. 2. Praise him for his mercy;

    Praise him for his love.

    For unnumbered blessings

    Praise the Lord above.

    Let our happy voices

    Still the notes prolong.

    One alone is worthy

    Of our sweetest song.

  3. 3. Jesus, our Redeemer,

    Now our praises hear.

    While we bow before thee,

    Lend a list’ning ear.

    Save us, Lord, from error.

    Watch us day by day.

    Help us now to serve thee

    In a pleasing way.

Text: George Manwaring, 1854–1889

Music: Ebenezer Beesley, 1840–1906