Let Earth's Inhabitants Rejoice

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  1. 1. Let earth's inhabitants rejoice
    And gladly hail the glorious hour;
    Again is heard a prophet's voice,
    And all may feel the gospel's pow'r.
  2. 2. The blissful time will soon arrive,
    The day by holy men foretold,
    When man no more with man will strive,
    And all in each a friend behold.
  3. 3. Oppression will no more be found,
    Nor tyrant hold relentless sway,
    But love to God and man abound
    Thruout the long millennial day.
  4. Text: William Clegg, 1823-1903
    Music: Leroy J. Robertson, 1896-1971. (c) 1948 IRI