Thy Holy Word

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  1. 1. We love to hear thy holy word
    Proclaimed in latter days.
    It lifts our hearts; our souls are stirred
    To glorify thy ways.
  2. 2. We love to read thy holy word
    With quiet thought and prayer.
    Thy Spirit’s whisp’rings we have heard;
    We feel thy constant care.
  3. 3. We love to share thy holy word;
    Thy gospel we proclaim.
    We humbly bear our witness, Lord,
    Of thy redeeming name.
  4. 4. We thank thee for thy holy word;
    With joy we sing thy praise.
    Oh, help us, Lord, to learn thy word
    And live it all our days.
  5. Text: Marvin K. Gardner, b. 1952. © 1985 IRI
    Music: Robert Cundick, b. 1926. © 1985 IRI