The Glorious Gospel Light Has Shone



  1. 1. The glorious gospel light has shone

    In this the latter day

    With such intelligence that none

    From truth need turn away.

    The precious things which had been sealed

    And from the world kept hid,

    The Lord has to his Saints revealed

    As anciently he did.

  2. 2. And thru the priesthood now restored

    Again prepared the way

    Thru which the dead may hear his word

    And all his laws obey.

    As Christ to spirits went to preach

    Who were to prison led,

    So many Saints have gone to teach

    The gospel to the dead.

  3. 3. And we for them can be baptized,

    Yes, for our friends most dear,

    That they can with the just be raised

    When Gabriel’s trump they hear;

    That they may come with Christ again

    When he to earth descends,

    A thousand years with him to reign,

    And with their earthly friends.

  4. 4. Now, O ye Saints, rejoice today

    That you can saviors be

    Of all your dead who will obey

    The gospel and be free.

    Then let us rise without restraint

    And act for those we love,

    For they are giving their consent

    And wait for us to move.

Text: Joel H. Johnson, 1802–1882

Music: Gottfried W. Fink, 1783–1846