Loving Our Neighbor

We strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ to feed the hungry, take in the stranger, and clothe the naked across the globe and in local communities.

Serving Globally: Our Humanitarian Efforts

Since 1985, donations of time and money have allowed us to provide assistance to millions of people in 197 countries and territories.

People give food to to others in need performing an active of service
Feeding the hungry

We identify and leverage local resources to meet challenges in food security. Our projects often target families, but we also partner with organizations to help communities as a whole.

Two people retrieve clean drinking water from a well
Enabling clean water for all

We evaluate the natural resources in an area and work to create water and sanitation systems that are built with local technology and maintained by the community.

A doctor exams a child eyes
Helping all to see

Since 2003, more than 550,000 people have benefited from Latter-day Saint Charities vision projects throughout the world.

A woman holds her child as she smiles
Refugee aid

We have responded to the refugee crisis by developing a three-pronged approach: immediate relief, long-term aid, and resettlement support.

First aid supplies for distribution to people in need
Emergency response

When local resources are strained, we provide life-sustaining resources such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and more.

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Need a Helping Hand? Missionaries Can Help.

Missionaries are volunteers that provide service all over the world as well as right in your neighborhood.

Two elder missionaries greet a man on the street teaching him the gospel of Jesus Christ

Relying on Ourselves with God’s Help

Our self–reliance programs offer practical courses like personal finance, starting a business, finding a better job, and more to help you have a better life.

A group of people preform service in a food kitchen
Want to Serve in Your Community?
Serve Now
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Serving Others Helps Us Grow Closer Together and Closer to God

Find other ways you can join with us and serve.