Weekly Thoughts and Tips

August 2018


Empowered, Not Scared

August 31, 2018

Little girl with a lemon

The August Friend includes a story called “The Lemonade Stand That Changed Everything” (page 32) about how some children coped after a terrorism incident. Scared at first, these kids came to feel empowered by raising money for first responders. We want to know how you have helped the children in your life feel empowered, not scared, after bad things happen. Will you please share your ideas with us? Send your stories or tips to friend@ChurchofJesusChrist.org. We look forward to hearing from you about this important topic!

Reading the Friend Together

By Tiffany Leary
August 24, 2018


Reading with children is a great way to help them develop language comprehension. This week, try reading the Friend with a child and then talk about what you read. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Read “President Nelson Loves Primary Children.” Where did President Nelson meet Primary children? What did he tell the people? Why did President Nelson travel around the world?
  • Read “Finding a Real Friend.” Why didn’t Christy have any friends at the beginning of the story? What does Christy say a real friend does? How was Christy a real friend to Stacey? How are you a friend?
  • Read “Soccer and Sundays.” How important was soccer to Elder Klebingat? Why did Elder Klebingat start to learn about the Church? What blessings do you get from going to church?

Have fun reading!

Color-by-Number Together

By Marissa Widdison
August 17, 2018

coloring page

Color-by-number pages are usually thought of as an individual activity. But they don’t need to be! I thought page 25 of the August Friend would be a good one to use in a family night about prayer or in a small Primary class. Divide the picture into several sections and label them with a number—I chose 10 numbers, each representing roughly half of a person in the picture. Pick 10 words that are important to the lesson. The coloring page and important words go up on the board or where all the kids can see. During the lesson, when someone hears one of the important words, they raise their hand and then get to color the section of the picture that goes with that word and number! If your kids are too young to pick out words during a conversation, you could make each important word an answer to a question—giving them a chance to read over the list of words after you ask something during the lesson.

Editor’s note: You can find a large collection of coloring pages to make into color-by-numbers by clicking here.

Happy Birthday, Primary!

August 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Primary

Did you know that this month we celebrate the 140th anniversary of Primary? True story! How grateful we are for Sister Aurelia Spencer Rogers and others who helped create an inspired program for our children. Speaking of the little ones, this would be a good excuse to help kids learn a little bit of Church history! Here are some resources you could use:

What will the next 140 years bring?

“Why Should I Obey?”

By Jess Larsen
August 3, 2018


Don’t touch the stove. Don’t play with scissors. Don’t run into the street. As parents, we know that obedience helps keep us safe, but children can’t always see that. By teaching them about obedience and safety in different ways, we can help them understand a little better.

Here are some ideas to help your child understand obedience:

  • When a child asks “Why?” about a rule, take time to explain how it keeps them safe. Guide the conversation by asking, “What would happen if we didn’t follow that rule?”
  • Keep rules short and specific. Instead of saying, “Be careful in the parking lot,” try, “Hold Dad’s hand.” Whenever possible, make the rule positive instead of negative, like “Stay with the cart,” instead of “Don’t run away.” Thank them when they make good choices.
  • Before going on an outing, like to a park or beach, review safety rules for that place. You could even consider making flashcards with pictures to remind them of important rules. Teaching beforehand is easier than trying to teach with distractions all around.
  • Learn the words to “Keep the Commandments” (Children’s Songbook, 146–47) and talk about how obeying God’s rules keeps us safe too.