Weekly Thoughts and Tips

March 2017


Share Your Conference Thoughts

March 24, 2017

Boy watching General Conference

General conference starts Saturday with the women’s session at 6 pm MDT. We’re excited to hear what messages are in store for us, and we’d love to hear what your children liked about the different sessions. If you send us their picture, quote, and permission statement by the night of Sunday, April 2, they might be included in the May magazine! Email friend@ChurchofJesusChrist.org with “Conference Submission” in the subject line. Happy Conference!

Highlighting the Gifts

By Marissa Widdison
March 17, 2017

Cards and booklet

One of the best ways we can strengthen our children is by helping them recognize the gifts and talents they possess. I’ve known children over the years who—because they couldn’t sing, play the piano, draw, or dribble a soccer ball—told me they didn’t really have any talents. Let’s make sure our kids never feel that way! Page 34 of the March Friend has an activity that can help. You could make copies for everyone in your family and fill them out for family home evening, pointing out gifts that your children might not notice about themselves. You could also write each family member’s name on a sheet of paper, and fill the rest of the page with talents your family sees in that person. The cutouts on that page are the perfect size to put on a magnet, tape to a mirror, or use as lunchbox notes!

The Adventure Continues!

By Ashley Barnett
March 10, 2017


Who’s ready for family game night? The Friend’s centerspread this month is a board game with cut-out cards (pages 24–25, 28) that invites children to role-play being kind in different situations. You can play it with friends or family or neighbors.

But what happens when you’ve played with the same cards over and over again? Make new ones! Trace and cut out new cards on blank or colored paper. Then help your kids write their own ideas or questions on the cards. Play the game again and talk about their answers.

Need a challenge for older kids? With every card you read, try to think of a story from the scriptures or general conference that addresses the topic. Your kids can also flip through old Friend magazines to find a matching story! 

Dealing with Fear

By Kim Reid
March 3, 2017

Boy holding a sign

Thunder, darkness, and buzzing bees. Life on earth is still new for young children. So it’s not surprising that they may be afraid of some of God’s creations.

Instead of forcing children to confront a fear, be an example of courage. Gently guide them away from a flowering bush covered in bees instead of running the other way. Invite them to snuggle up in a blanket to listen to the thunderstorm roll in. Four ways to help little ones deal with fears:

  1. Name what your child is feeling: “That bee sure is making you nervous.” Or, “You feel uncomfortable when you can’t see everything in the dark.” This will help them trust you more than if you say, “Don’t be silly. There’s nothing to be afraid of!”
  2. Pray with your child in gratitude for Heavenly Father’s creations and His protecting care.
  3. Ask children if they’re scared up to their ankles or all the way to their ears. That will help them realize they’re only nervous, not terrified. Then invite them to breathe deeply to help the fear drain back down to their toes.
  4. Point out something positive and interesting: “Did you know Heavenly Father created bees to help plants grow? Let’s leave it alone to do its amazing job.” Or, “Did you know Heavenly Father gave us the dark to help our bodies? When the sun goes down, our germ-fighters and owie-fixers know it’s time to get to work.”