Weekly Thoughts and Tips

October 2015


Updated Apostle Cards

October 29, 2015

New apostles

Remember the “Special Witness Cards” that were printed last year? Here’s an updated set that you can use to get to know the Apostles better! How do you use these cards? Share with us at friend@ChurchofJesusChrist.org

Be the Best Answer

By Lori Fuller
October 23, 2015

Young girl shrugging

Every night, as part of their bedtime routine, one mom asks her young daughter if there was anything she heard or saw that day that she didn’t understand. Most nights her daughter asks about a rule at school or in a game. But one night the girl mentioned a sexual term she’d overheard. The mom panicked inwardly, but gave her daughter an age-appropriate response. For the daughter, it was like any other question she’d asked; asking was just built into the routine. She knew that her mom was a trustworthy source of answers. It was an easy, natural, and shame-free conversation.

Studies have shown that the biggest indicator of whether kids who have seen pornography (in whatever form or whatever intensity) will look at it again is whether they tell an adult. If children are too ashamed or embarrassed to bring their questions and concerns to an adult, they often turn instead to online search engines—which are anonymous and thus shame-free. But search engines can lead them to information that is both inaccurate and inappropriate. When children feel safe bringing their questions to you, you can help them find better answers in a framework of gospel understanding. Also, studies have shown that kids who see pornography (in whatever form or whatever intensity) are much less likely to look at it again when they talk to an adult about it. Make it clear that you are the best source of information, even if you have to tell your kids that you can’t answer certain questions right away or need to think of a better answer. Be ready to teach your children when they’re ready to learn.

You can use “Flipping Channels” and “Choosing Integrity” in the September Friend to talk to your kids about making media choices they and Heavenly Father are comfortable with.

Gender Matters

By Jocelyn Christensen
October 16, 2015

Sandwich on a plate

The Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, taught people using familiar items and examples from everyday life. Our daily life is filled with things like dishes and peanut butter sandwiches, so I recently used some everyday objects to talk about gender with my children. First I told them that when we say, “I am a girl,” or “I am a boy," we are talking about gender. I read to them this line from The Family: A Proclamation to the World: “Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.” I explained that this means that they have always been either a boy or a girl, and they will always be either a boy or a girl. Then I showed them the table, which I had set with a plate and utensils. I said that just like the fork and knife look different and can do things differently, men and women are different. But just like the knife and fork, men and women were made to be together. And when they work together correctly, they serve a great purpose.

As a family, think of other pairs of objects that go together and complement one another. How are they different or the same? What purposes do they serve and why do they work better together? How does this relate to families?

Reviewing Conference Messages

By Marissa Widdison
October 2, 2015

Conference ideas

General conference was earlier this month, and I love the the uplifting, motivated feeling I always have afterward. But sometimes it can be a challenge to keep that positive vibe going after “real life” sets in. That’s why I love the collection of ideas on this page. There are lots of ways we can review conference messages with our family all year round! When we work to remember what we learned during conference, we are better able to make changes that will improve our lives and strengthen our homes.

Editor’s note: How do you help your family remember conference messages? Send your ideas to friend@ChurchofJesusChrist.org and they might be used as a future “weekly tip”!