Weekly Thoughts and Tips

July 2012


Bite-sized Spiritual Snacks

By Jocelyn Christensen
July 27, 2012

Right about now, many children are getting ready to go back to school.  If your kids are like mine, they often learn about recycling in their classes.  With this in mind, I thought of a way to make even more out of the Friend magazine that comes to our home each month. 

Using old magazines, I’ve created little note cards to slip into my children’s lunch boxes. 

There are tons of short and sweet nuggets of love and wisdom that you can use from the Friend, such as the pictures found in an article by Elder Robert D. Hales that answer the question “What can we do when hard things happen to us?" or tips on how to “Stop Bullying Now.”  For a lighter lunchtime interlude, the "Back-to-School Humor" found in the September 2009 Friend will surely tickle their funny bones and remind them that they are loved, as they enjoy a bite-sized spiritual snack!

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

By Tiffany Lewis
July 20, 2012

The lazy days of summer are something our family really looks forward to. However, sometimes the yawning chasm of time can be a little too unstructured for my kids. One thing we’ve adopted this summer is the daily schedule. I write it up early each morning and post it where everyone can see. This way there are no surprises, and everyone knows what to expect. We keep the day front-loaded, meaning the morning is pretty packed with music practice, a big family chore like weeding the garden, exercise, and a bit of journaling or math review. By the time we’ve finished quiet reading time in the afternoon, my kids are anxious for free play time together, and the sibling fighting is almost nonexistent.

A Downloading Discovery

By Marissa Widdison
July 13, 2012

The wireless Internet connections at my house and church building aren't always reliable, so I've had a hard time including videos in my church and family home evening lessons. There's nothing worse than introducing a powerful video clip, clicking "play," and then watching helplessly while an icon spins and the video almost—but not quite—begins. I recently learned that you can download many videos, including animated scripture stories and other videos for children, from the LDS Media Library site. For example, a "Pass It On" video, depicting children heeding the prophet's invitation to serve, can be found under the "Other Videos" category on the site. Simply click on the gray "download" icon below the screen. Now, with a little planning ahead, I can rest assured that the video file is ready to use on my laptop, regardless of what the Internet connection during a lesson may be.

Our Pioneer Heritage

By Hilary Watkins Lemon
July 6, 2012

Each July, my family takes time to remember the Latter-day Saint pioneers who settled Salt Lake Valley. We sing songs about pioneers from the Children’s Songbook and make pioneer crafts, like yarn dolls and homemade butter. We also like to read stories from our family history, since some of our ancestors crossed the plains to Utah.

Of course, not every child in the Church is descended from these early pioneers. But everyone has a pioneer story in his or her life. Perhaps a child’s grandparents were baptized after meeting missionaries. Maybe a parent traveled from one country to another to start a new life. Even children can be pioneers when they accept the gospel or help their families keep the commandments. No matter our story, we can all be proud of our heritage, a word defined in this month’s Bulletin Board.

My family loves to celebrate our heritage. What can you do this month to help the children in your life celebrate their heritage?