Weekly Thoughts and Tips

June 2013


A Handy Mission-Prep Page

By Marissa Widdison
June 28, 2013

Did you watch Sunday's worldwide leadership broadcast about missionary work? In one of the videos, children are shown practicing life skills—like ironing clothes and cooking meals—that will help them as future missionaries. This reminded me of a new page in the Friend this year called "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission." Every other month, this page highlights a life skill that a child can practice. A gospel message is included along with an easy recipe. Here's what's been published so far this year. Keep your eyes peeled for another mission-prep page in September!

January: Setting Goals

March: Cooking Basics

May: Meet and Greet with Confidence

July: Money Matters

Family Home Evening … Click!

By Jessica Larsen
June 21, 2013

Feel like you’ve exhausted your supply of family home evening ideas? Have a particular topic you’d like your family to learn? Let the Resources for Teaching Children website help you out! Click on Resources by Category and check out the Family Home Evening Ideas page. You'll find more than 60 lesson suggestions that address topics like Internet safety, dealing with peer pressure, and listening to the Holy Ghost. Each idea includes links to a Friend story, discussion points, and an activity to help your children understand the lesson. Whether you want to play a conversation game to improve communication, use balloons to teach about forgiveness, or draw blindfolded to learn more about gratitude, the ideas on this site can be a great resource for crafting your next family night.

Now all you need is the treat!

Inspiring Teachers

By Mary Durham, Primary general board
June 14, 2013

One of the important responsibilities we have as leaders is to inspire those who serve in Primary to feel the importance of their callings.

I remember hearing of a newly called Primary president who noticed there were some in her Primary who did not recognize the importance of their callings. They felt that they were "just a Primary teacher." 

This president determined to try and create a different feeling among her Primary leaders and teachers. She went home and fasted and prayed about it. She searched the scriptures, learning about Christ's teachings and how He loved the children. She told them that their time in Primary was a precious opportunity to lay the foundation of testimony in the lives of the children.

The hearts of the leaders and teachers began to change. There was a new spirit in Primary and a yearning to teach and love the children. Teachers became more committed, and a feeling of unity was felt through the whole organization. 

In Lesson 1 of Teaching, No Greater Call, President David O. McKay states: "No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman] than to be a teacher of God's children."

Consider what you can do as a leader to inspire those who serve with you to feel the importance of their callings. Such a vision will bring an increased measure of the Lord’s Spirit to your Primary. And it will bless both the leaders and the children.

Daddy School

By Tiffany Lewis
June 7, 2013

One of our kids’ favorite Sunday activities is Daddy School. On select Sundays my husband gathers the children for a special gospel lesson. Sometimes he focuses on a scripture story or Church history, but the lesson is always filled with special quiz questions. Correct answers are rewarded with chocolate chips. Daddy School is often used as a launchpad for family home evening. One week my husband helped the kids put together a presentation of the plan of salvation, which they unveiled at family home evening. My husband also utilizes the great videos and resources on ChurchofJesusChrist.org to enhance his teaching.