Weekly Thoughts and Tips

September 2012


Building with the Scriptures

By Tiffany Lewis
September 28, 2012

When my children were very little, keeping them engaged during scripture reading was a challenge. To keep their attention, we used building blocks to recreate scripture scenes. Lehi’s vision of the tree of life was a family favorite and came complete with a rod of iron fashioned from aluminum foil. Now that I have older boys, they help their younger siblings build their own scripture stories as a great Sabbath-day activity.

Preparing for General Conference

By Hilary Watkins Lemon
September 21, 2012

Did you catch the General Conference Countdown activity in this month’s issue of the Friend? Print out and make this colorful chain, and this week you and your family can begin counting down the days until general conference!


Here are a few other ways to use these countdown ideas:

  • Cut out the strips and place them in a jar or other container. Take turns drawing one each day.
  • Combine several ideas to create a family home evening lesson focused on preparing for general conference.
  • Print out one copy of the countdown ideas for each member of your family so everyone can keep a chain in a place that will help him or her remember that conference is on its way.

Taking the Lead

By Marissa Widdison
September 14, 2012

This month's Friend has leadership reminders that I can't wait to use at home next week. At family home evening we're going to read the stories on the page and discuss the key words: testimony, courage, kindness, caring, and example. Then I'm going to put one of the reminders on the inside of the front door each day so that it's the last thing people see as they leave our home. It's going to be a great five days!

C.L.E.A.N. Talk

By Jocelyn Christensen
September 7, 2012

As children return to school, it’s important to remind them of the kind of language that is acceptable—and what is not.

After reading the counsel given by Elder L. Tom Perry in the September 2009 Friend, we created the acronym “C.L.E.A.N.” to remind our kids to:

C – Choose your words carefully.

L – Learn the meanings of words before using them.

E – Encourage others with the words you say.

A – Avoid slang or replacement words.

N – Never use hurtful or vulgar language.

Since we can't create guidelines that speak to every dilemma they may face, we teach our children that if they hear a word or phrase that makes them feel sad inside, the Spirit is telling them to stay away from that expression. Keeping an open line of communication about the words they hear at school and reminding them to use “clean talk” helps our kids follow Elder Perry's counsel to “have the courage to keep your speech clean and wholesome.”