Weekly Thoughts and Tips

April 2014


If Jesus Came to My House

By Maggie Zug
April 25, 2014

Quiet Book

Here’s an idea for a quiet book that promotes manipulation and thinking. Print out the phrase “If Jesus came to my house” and then print out phrases that would finish the sentence. You can personalize them using family traits and situations. Mount them on heavy card stock and laminate them. Attach the beginning phrase to the back of your booklet at the top. Use coil binding to attach the other phrases so that they can be folded in to complete the sentence. (If you have multiple children, consider mounting them on magnets instead so that more than one child can play with the phrases at a time.)

Here are a few phrase ideas:

If Jesus came to my house I would show Him I eat good food.

If Jesus came to my house I would show Him I clean my room.

If Jesus came to my house I would tell Him I love to go to Primary.

Our Attitude and Example

By Reyna Aburto, Primary general board
April 18, 2014

President Monson waving at General Conference

As I look back on my life, I realize how extraordinary people—particularly teachers—have blessed my life.

I often recall a professor in my home country of Nicaragua who taught a basic physics class. Even though it was a secular topic, he taught with enthusiasm and reverence as he explained the elementary rules that govern all of our Heavenly Father's creations, and how creations follow those rules with perfect obedience. Equipped only with a blackboard and a piece of chalk, our teacher was able to pass on his love for the concepts he taught to us, his students. His simplicity and passion also made us want to learn more. Every time I left that classroom, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and respect towards the Creator of the universe. 

Many times, when I have received teaching assignments at Church, I have remembered my professor and wondered: What can I do so that the enthusiasm and reverence I feel for the Gospel will be undeniable to those I teach? How can I deepen my understanding of the scriptures so I instill in my students the desire to study and apply scriptures in their own lives?

In Part C, Lesson 1 of Teaching, No Greater Call (page 109), we read: “Children will follow your example. You are always teaching, even when you are not aware of it. You often teach more by your attitude and example than by your words. For example, children will notice whether you treat the scriptures respectfully. They will observe how you speak about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They will watch how you live the principles you are teaching. Your righteous example will help them develop greater feelings of love and respect for Heavenly Father and His Son.”

A Conference Idea

April 11, 2014

President Monson waving at General Conference

Last week, we asked for ideas about what your family does to remember conference. Here’s what one person had to say:

“One thing that I love to do is print off beautiful quotes (catch phrases or main points from each talk). I put them in a frame in our living room and change the quotes out regularly. This helps because my husband is not active, but he will answer the questions that our children have about the quotes. It allows us to discuss the talk and the messages and helps us to keep them in our hearts and in our homes.” —Celeste Billman

You can find posters of conference quotes by clicking here. What other great ideas do you have? Send them to us throughout the year, and perhaps we’ll be able to share them with the world!

Keeping Conference with You

April 4, 2014

President Monson waving at General Conference

This weekend is general conference! What does your family do to keep the messages of general conference in your minds and hearts throughout upcoming months? Do you have any fun post-conference activities? Any family home evening lesson ideas? We would love to hear from you! Please email us with "Keeping Conference" in the subject line at friend@ChurchofJesusChrist.org.