Weekly Thoughts and Tips

July 2018


Old Testament Guessing Game

By Tiffany Moulton Leary
July 20, 2018

Friend magazine

In each magazine issue this year, the Friend has a short story and picture card for an Old Testament hero. Play a guessing game with the cards! One person picks an Old Testament hero and describes part of their story or their picture. Someone else guesses which person it is based on the clues. Can you guess all of them? If you have copies of the Friend you could use them to play the game. Or click here to find copies of all the cards.

Family Board Game

By Tiffany Moulton Leary
July 13, 2018


Did you know that the picture for the story “A Forever Feeling” on page 5 of this month’s issue is also a board game? Get pieces to move around the board. Roll a dice to move forward. Start at the red space in the bottom left of the page and move right to left up the page until you reach the end at the title. If you land on …

  • an arrow, move one square the direction that the arrow is pointing.
  • a pointing hand, move another player forward one square.
  • an asterisk, say one thing you love about your family.
  • the balloon, say one thing that makes you feel light like a balloon.
  • on a black dot, follow the dashes to a new square.

Making Family History Fun

By Maryssa Dennis
July 9, 2018


Elder Dale G. Renlund said that family history is “a divinely appointed responsibility” and that it “is not only for the dead but blesses the living as well” (“Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing,” Apr. 2018 general conference). Here are some ways to help your family members get excited about this important work:

  • Learn a story about someone from your family history and help your kids act it out for family night.
  • Help your kids look forward to doing baptisms in the temple. When they are close to turning 12, you could help them find specific ancestors that they can do proxy baptisms for.
  • Make it a contest! See who can index the most names in a week or find the most ordinances for your next family temple trip.
  • Pick a Family History Quest from any 2018 Friend magazine to do together as a family.
  • Collect a few favorite family photos and stories—maybe even a favorite recipe—and add them to FamilySearch.org.