Weekly Thoughts and Tips

April 2017


Question of the Week

By Jocelyn Christensen
April 28, 2017

Mother and son reading scriptures

Our family’s daily scripture study started getting a little stale lately, so we’re trying something new. Instead of the trying to plow through the scriptures chronologically, we now have a “question of the week.” We introduce the question at the beginning of the week at family council, and then every family member searches the scriptures on their own to find answers to the question to share in family scripture study each day. This has helped encourage all members of the family to dive into personal study and take personal responsibility for how our family scripture study goes!

Meet the Apostles

April 21, 2017

Screenshot of Children's website

After general conference is a great time to review the names and lives of the Apostles with your children, because they just saw some of them speak! Did you know there are child-friendly videos about the Apostles on children.ChurchofJesusChrist.org? Click here and learn about the lives of Elder Hales, Elder Ballard, Elder Holland, and Elder Rasband. New videos are being added periodically, so be sure to check back each month to learn what’s new!

A New Resource for Family Service: JustServe.org

By Marissa Widdison
April 14, 2017

Girl painting

Have you heard of the new JustServe.org website? It’s an online tool the Church created to help individuals and groups connect with community service opportunities. Perhaps there’s something that would work for your family or ward youth group! You could make this a memorable family home evening activity by pairing it with one of the new #PRINCEofPEACE videos on Mormon.org. For example, watch this video about how the Burnetts raise money for medical research. Then visit JustServe.org and see what service opportunities your family can participate in!

Patience and Light

By Ashley Barnett
April 7, 2017

Girls in bright dresses

Being patient is hard, especially when you’re waiting for sweets. Page 35 in this month’s Friend features a cool way you can make your own candy, but it takes a while before it’s ready. In the meantime, try the “Be a Light!” activity. Each day of the week—each day that you’re waiting for your rock candy to grow—focus on one person and color in a part of the sun. Your candy should be done by the time your sun is all colored!

You can also try the rock candy recipe next week to prepare for Easter. Instead of coloring the sun, each day do one section of the “Names of Jesus” activity on page 24. You can also watch a new #PRINCEofPEACE video every day on mormon.org!

A Day of … Rest?

By Kim Reid
April 3, 2017

Boy coloring

Sundays may be a day of rest, but little ones don’t know it. They want to be just as busy as on any other day of the week. But there are still ways to help them have a holy and happy Sabbath. It can be challenging to be the family activity director and find Sunday rest at the same time. Pray to know how you can draw your children closer to the Savior, and Monday morning will find your family stronger.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a Sunday box filled with activities such as quiet games or puzzles made from pictures from the Friend. Search “Sunday box” at friend.ChurchofJesusChrist.org for more ideas.
  • Go “hymning” (like Christmas caroling) to neighbors who may appreciate a visit. At Eastertime, you could sing songs about the Resurrection. Even the youngest members of your family can hum along.
  • Have family journal time. Even three-year-olds can dictate to parents what they are thinking about and what is important to them. Pull out coloring supplies so they can draw in a journal too.